Craniosacral Therapy 







in Leicester with Minaxi Odedra


Testimonials from Clients 


I have severe fibromyalgia, which gives me excessive pain, exhaustion, stiffness and is very disabling. Craniosacral therapy is the only therapy I have found that helps reduce the pain and stiffness and increases my strength and stamina. I measure my ‘severity of disability’ using something called the Oswestry Disability Score and over the course of a few treatments every week or so my scores started to fall and I was able to get more mobile. Craniosacral therapy also helps calm and sooth the mind, so helping reduce high stress levels, and bringing a sense of inner calm. 


The other great thing about craniosacral therapy is how versatile it is; pain prevented me lying on a therapy couch and our sessions were done with me sat in my comfy chair and Mina working on my head and shoulders and I still felt amazing benefit. It’s so gentle that doesn’t hurt and you don’t feel battered and bruised for days after! 


I don’t know how it works, all I know is I feel more relaxed (mentally and physically) after each session along with being able to be more physically active and this feels like it continues for days after too. I’ve had craniosacral therapy from many practitioners for well over 15 years and it has helped me through 2 bad whiplash injuries and many stressful situations. Sometimes I’ve had intense batches of treatments, such as after the accidents, to get me back to work or shorter ones through stressful situations. The key is that it is so incredibly gentle. No crunching of bones or cartilage, just this lovely warm feeling.  

Mary, Leicester